Saturday, October 11, 2008



This was written 10/18/82 by Dewey Donohoo. Most of you have read this, but he wanted it shared with the family, so here it is again,I remember milking cows when I was about 9 years old. Even before that, I helped milk and herd the cows. There were about sixteen of us and we lived together in a 3 room log house. We lived up in the mountains and we gathered a lot of wood to saw up for heat and cooking. We had a special kind of dirt which we soaked and put on the roof. It held up all winter, but in the summer we had to patch it up some. After we did our chores (carrying wood, milking cows, feeding animals, taking care of chicken--- and still more) we played some games like hide and seek. Our beds were homemade from quilts, made into matresses which were filled with hay then sewn together. We lived right near the road and people going by sometimes stopped for the night. Our Dad tied up their horses. We raised most of our food-- pigs, lambs, chickens and we canned berries and vegetables. My Mother died when I was about nine, and my sisters worked hard cooking-- Martha, Ella, Lucy, Suzie. We hauled all our water from the creek. We were all healthy, never got sick. We lived about one mile from school and the stores and while we were in school we would bring home the the mail and some groceries. Dad was older than our Mother- he was a Civil War veteran and he had a hearing problem. He was still alive until we all grew up. In spite of losing my Mother and my Wife at early ages, its been a real good life. Love from Dewey

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