Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Hunter

Yesterday was Hunter's 7th Birthday.He celebrated with a party at Empire Park in Queen Creek. In attendance were his family, Tom, Kathryn & Jordyn, Grandma Romney,Papa's Walker& Romney,Aunts Mary,Leanne,Belinda & Kolina,Uncle's Ed & Taylor, cousins Kalen & Amelia. He also had some school friends (all girls)and assorted parents.

The kids had plenty of room at the park to run and play.

Hunter & Jordyn & the Birthday cake

There was just enough breeze blowing that it was hard to light the candles and keep them burning until Hunter could blow them out.

Once the park lights came on Hunter was able to open his presents. He got a lot of fun stuff.

Hunter and his new set of Captain Underpants books

The kids opened a pinata,with Tom's help

Tom the pinata holder

They played Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Every player got the tail in the right place.

After Pin the Tale on the Donkey, the kids had a little more time to run and play, before the party ended.

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