Sunday, September 21, 2008

Workman Family Reunion

The John & Lydia Bilyeu Workman Family reunion was held this weekend Sept 19 & 20 In Salt Lake City.

The Reunion Started with a Sealing Session, Friday Morning at 10 AM at the Salt Lake Temple.

We were able to do sealings for all of the names we had. I don't know the total number of people that were there, but it was enough to keep 2 rooms busy, and it was a neat way to meet relatives.

Before the session , in the dressing room, Beth Maynes walked by and said I looked familiar.She went through all the places she thought she might know me from,and I hadn't been to, or worked at any of the places she mentioned. She looked familiar to me too,but we decided it was just one of those things,until a few minutes later she walked into the sealing room I was in.

After the session we met down in the Cafeteria for breakfast/ lunch, and visited for a while.

I couldn't find my car in the parking lot when it was time go, I knew the Level and the section, but it wasn't there, and the aisle didn't look familiar. I knew it was at the top of a short dead end ramp. I was fortunate that a lady that was just getting ready to leave offered to drive me around til we found my car. I was very grateful, because I'm not sure I would have found it.

I was about an hour late Friday night, so I missed some of the evening meeting. I was there in time to see a great slide show/ virtual tour of places that were important to the Workman family,by Larry Streadbeck, and a presentation about the Old Fort by Janene Brown.

One piece of exciting information,I missed when it was first talked about is that the 2010 reunion will be held in Nauvoo,Ill.

There were Brownies and Milk for refreshment at the end and lots more time for visiting.

Saturday Morning started early, with a wonderful dutch oven breakfast at Jordan Park on 9th W & 10th S.

I was due there at 6:30 t0 help but somehow didn't get my phone set correctly and didn't wake up until 6 AM,that combined with my inability to drive straight to ANYWHERE, I was late. I felt bad, since I hate being late,especially when I agreed to help.

Breakfast was headed up by Mark Workman & consisted of ham, butter, hash browns, cheese, eggs, onions and mushrooms,cooked in a cast iron pot,with coals under it and on top of it. It was very good..

After breakfast everyone who wanted to played games, including a sack race.

Our next activity was a tour of some of the interesting Workman sites led by Mark Workman

We saw the lot (now Vacant) where John Workman's cabin was.

The Salt Lake City Cemetery to see John Workman's new headstone.

Then off to the Mormon Battalion monument on the state capital grounds.

Our next stop was the Brigham Young Cemetery Park.

Our last stop was First Encampment Park and the homes of Wilford Woodruff.

After we walked down to see Wilford Woodruff's homes, everyone was tired, so we decided to end the tour,and the reunion for another year.

I've put all of the reunion pictures in an album that you can see at:

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