Friday, September 26, 2008

Family History Friday

I decided to make Fridays, Family History Friday. Every week I will put a story from our family history here. They will probably be random and not necessarily from the same family line every time.
This story comes from a disc of family stories we were given at the Workman Reunion. I'm not familiar with Lucy Grice Workman but I think she is a sister in law to our Ella Rebecca.

Lucy Grice Workman
DUP Files

Birth date: 29 Feb 1840 Leamington, Warwick, England
Parents: William Grice and Jane Devenish
Pioneer: about 1854 or 1855; handcart
Spouse: James Thomas Workman
Marriage: 16 Jan 1864 Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Utah
Death: 22 Feb 1924 Parker, Fremont, Idaho
Children: Thomas William 13 Oct 1864
Josephine 26 Sep 1866
Jacob Lorenzo 08 Nov 1868
Alice Jane 24 Dec 1870
George Albert 01 Jul 1873
Joseph M. 10 Oct 1875
John Walter 09 Mar 1878
Lucy Caroline 24 Dec 1883

Lucy and her sister Margret were converted when they were 14 & 16 years of age in England. They then worked to make sails for ships so they could emigrate to America. They said that they prayed many times coming across the ocean. They traveled across the plains in long dresses, pushing a handcart with a few belongings and without their parents. Lucy worked for Jacob Lindsy Workman to pay back the Emigration Fund. Then married his son. They made their home in Farmington, Utah for 21 years, and to this union was born 8 children and one still-born, a girl.

At first they lived in a small dug-out. One day Lucy put the baby to sleep and ran to the store, just a short distance away, and when she came back there was a rattle snake on the dresser, the dresser was a box or two nailed together, and a curtain around it and she had a mirror leaning against the wall and the snake was bobbing around, trying to pick a fight with the snake in the glass.

They next moved from Farmington to the Snake-river valley in Idaho in 01 Jun 1885. They lived there for 22 years.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, we haven't met--I think we may be distant relatives. My name is Shelli Livingston, and have been trying to find this account of Lucy Grice Workman for ever! My grandmother, Alice Jane Brower Livingston (she was probably named after Alice Jane Workman, would tell me this story when I was a little girl. I understand that she and another girl would meet the missionaries on or around London Bridge. I'm so glad Google led me to your blog! You were inspired to share this gem of family history! Thank you!!