Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Made It

I left home at about 5:15 AM today and after a stop at QT for ice and a drink in my mug I was off. I always make a lot of stops when I drive to Salt Lake alone, I drink lots of liquid, but i always need to get out and walk around too.

My first stop was the rest area just before Wickenberg. That's my car, its not nearly that clean now. Before I go any farther, let me mention that I am one of many members of my family that are genetically incapable of going anywhere without having to turn around 1 or more times.

I drove through Wickenberg, and despite having gone that was many time's I missed the turn and ended up on the road to Quartzite. I wasn't on it long when I turned around and went back to the turn off.

My next stop Wikiup, for a quick break, before heading on to Kingman for a yummy breakfast at my favorite truck stop. Apparently my gift of making wrong turns was turned on to the highest level, because I turned the wrong direction in Kingman and ended up on the road to Hoover Dam. That was where I wanted to end up, after breakfast so I just kept going.

Since I didn't know what traffic was going to be like over Hoover Dam I decided to stop at the last place on the road.

I bought a 32 oz fountain drink and was charged $1.61. I guess when you are the last store on the road you can charge that much and get away with it.

Hoover Dam was amazingly easy to get across after the police check point.

The ramp to I-15 to Salt Lake City was closed so there was a moment of panic, but the detour signs were bright orange and easy to follow.

Other highlight, I finally , got my breakfast in Mesquite , NV

A nap at the rest area south of Beaver , UT

And finding out my car will go 100 mph without shaking.

I made it to Midvale just before 10PM ., and got checked into my room.

Tomorrow is the Worcester Ward Reunion. Watch for pictures.

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Stephanie Abney said...

"...finding out my car will go 100 mph without shaking..." You're kidding, right? Good grief, woman... your Guardian Angel must be exhausted keeping up with you!!!

Glad you made it safe and sound!