Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear Leader is concerned about the Economy and other Fables

Dear Leader was in Phoenix Wednesday to try and sell us on how wonderful the Economic stimulus package is and how much it will benefit us.

I have some serious doubts that the 700 billion dollars will be used for anything that will benefit me, or anyone I know.

It would be better used to split it between registered voters. I choose registered voters as the group, because that guarantees the people getting the money are legal US citizens, perhaps a prevision can be added to allow for legal aliens, people who came in with Visas and are legally working.

Some of the money each voter receives would need to be earmarked for their favorite cause or causes, such as schools, continued therapy programs for disabled children etc.

One place the money shouldn't go is to bailout big businesses, they have already proven they are no good with money, if they were they wouldn't need to be bailed out.

Its not really surprising to me that Dear Leader would want to help other wealthy people by giving them more money to squander. Look at his choice in accommodations while he was here.

Every President since Calvin Coolidge has stayed at the Biltmore, current price for the Presidential Suite $1600 per night. Dear Leader chose to stay at a resort in Paradise Valley at $4000 a night. In the tough economic times we live in why spend that much tax payer money?

Motel 6 is only $49 a night $55 if he brought his family. OK, so I don't really expect any President to stay at Motel 6, but I would hope for some fiscal responsibility on the part of the president that professes to be concerned about the economy and the American tax payer, who is struggling.

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