Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 President Henry B Eyring was our closing speaker. He taught us about being Wise Optimists.
President Henry B Eyring

These are the last days. They are tumultuous times.

Everyday you are deciding whether to be optimistic or pessimistic

about life.

A wise Optimist has an advantage over a pessimist.

Be optimistic about the long range future of the church, any set backs  will be temporary. The Church will be perfectly prepared for the 2nd coming. Not must be or will be prepared, the Church SHALL be prepared.

3rd Nephi---Preparation

All children shall be taught of the Lord.

A wise Optimist will know where to look for your power.

Power--- Priesthood keys

- Moses gathered scattered Israel (missionary Work)

much more is to come.The effects of Preach My Gospel is just beginning. Missionaries are More bold, less intimidated. However the work goes, they will expect improvement.

The Wise optimist will expect Family Home evening to be better next week. An optimist will persist in faith, a pessimist will give up if things seem unreachable.


D&C 123 cheerfully do all in our power.

President Eyring's young son was very shy, when he was assigned to be a Home teacher his SR Companion told him their families would be intimidated if he gave the lesson, so the young son had to give them.

Your faith in a young person may be your contribution.

- Elijah, turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers.

Family Search is a wonderful tool, Duplication of Ordinances are eliminated. The Lord had given us the technology to make Family Search work.

When our work is harder and the opposition greater, Prophets confirm our hope.


What does not seem possible, is possible when the Lord wants it.

Hard times will come, Be prepared, avoid debt, have reserves.

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