Sunday, November 18, 2012


Our 2nd Conference Speaker was Sister Cheryl Esplin from the General Primary Presidency. She also spoke on families.
Cheryl Esplin- counselor in the General Primary Presidency
God gave us family.
Purpose of families
- to bring happiness
-teach correct principles
-to bring eternal life
When Satan's attacks are obvious we can defend ourselves, when it is subtle we can be decieved.
Cattle Traps (used on the AZ strip to round up cattle). They start out open wide to allow the cattle to wander in and out to get to water. Slowly the cowboy closes the gate, a little at a time, so the cattle don't notice. Eventually, the gate is closed enough that the cattle can enter but not leave.
We don't have to wait until we are trapped to know all is not well.
We have the answers and hope in Jesus Christ.
When our calendars are filled with good things, we can be decieved into thinking all is well. It is a distraction.
We have to forgo some good things to have the best things for the family.
FAMILY PRAYER A best thing, you always have time for prayer.
The Savior taught the Nephites 1st to pray and prayed with them and prayed for the children.
"Pray in your family" 3rd Nephi
Through Regular family prayer our family members will draw nearer to God and each other.

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