Saturday, November 17, 2012


Last Sunday Nov 11.2012 was the Stake Conference Broadcast to the 95 stakes in Arizona. I took notes on the talks.
Elder Gary Stevenson was the 1st speaker, he spoke on strengthening the family. These are the notes I took during his talk.

Gary Stevenson, Counselor in the presiding Bishopric

Arizona is squarely in the center of Zion.

The gathering of the stakes of Zion are a defense.

AZ was in the last mission in the Church that practiced "Without Purse of Script" for missionaries. Post WWII. Missionaries stayed with families they were teaching.

In 1881, David Kimball left Prescott with his son and 2 wagons. He got deparated and lost in the desert.

He had a vision saw legions waiting to claim him. His father conforted him from Beyong the Veil. He wandered 75 miles in the desert. His deceased parents promised he would be rescued. Family and Priesthood holders from Beyong the Veil protected him from evil. Family on Earth search for him'

Family is on both sides of the veil to help the father and the son to strengthen and protect the family.

Strengthening families is our sacred duty. Parents, children, extended family.

Priority-----family prayer, study, worthy family activities.

The Lord will answer prayers.

The Lord will help parents teach Children.

"The Lord's work is work, but it is sweet labor." Neal A Maxwell

High Priority

- Family Prayer

-Family Home Evening

-Gospel study and instruction

-Wholesome family activities.

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