Monday, November 19, 2012


Elder Jeffery R Holland spoke on the revelations at General Conference and supporting the new missionary force coming our way.
Honeymoon Trail active during the 50 years between dedication of the St George Temple and the dedication of the Mesa Temple. 400 miles of dusty trail up to 6 weeks traveling through parts of AZ not fit for human life, to get temple ordinances done.
As a boy he was told stories of the faith of AZ pioneers to pass onto future generations.
New frontiers continue in the church today.
In October Conference there was more revelation than ever before.
1. Tuscon Temple (6 temples in Arizona, we're on a roll, who knows where next.)
2. Missions boys 18, girls 19.
"The shot heard round the world." Twitter tweets through the roof after the announcement.
3. using modern technology to find missing members.
4. Taking our own names to the temple, instead of extracted names.
5. new youth curriculum.
Operational Revelation is alive and thriving in the church.
The Lord is hastening His work in his time.
Church presidents will always be old. In the work of the  Lord age doesn't matter--except to make them more open to revelation.
321 years of Apostolic service in 1st Presidency & Quorum of the 12.
The heavens are open. The human family needs guidance. The same revelatory spirit flows NOW!
Missionary announcement-- increased urgency in the air. The Lord is hastening his work. The MTC is decreased by 1/3 rd. Missionaries must be better prepared at home.
Demands on missionaries are all they were or more as  before the age reduction. Do more, go farther than ever before in history.
We must be more prepared to receive missionaries coming to our Wards. Members are more important to help the missionaries in toady's climate. Times change, violence is real, suspicions are high. Don't expect them to knock on doors we wouldn't. We want hem to come home feeling successful. Get Ready! They are coming to you, in great numbers.
Put your shoulder to the Wheel willingly.

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