Monday, November 5, 2012


I've said it before, I really dislike politics, but this year's presidential election is too important to the preservation of the USA and the Constitution to sit back and not get involved.
The choice is clear.
 Do you want 4 more years of a president who is quickly destroying our country, our freedoms and our national pride and security. A president that sat back and allowed our ambassador and other Americans to die in Libya, instead of authorizing help to be sent, and then apologized to the attackers. A president that has signed executive orders that allow him to take away everything from our freedom of speech to controlling the food supplies (including our personal food storage), and the airwaves. A president that is willing to gut medicare to help pay for his health care plan. A plan that would allow death panels to determine who is worth saving.  A president that complains that it would be easier to do things if the Constitution wasn't in the way. A president that has virtually no work experience, and is clearly in over his head.  If you want 4 more years of record unemployment, of rising costs and a deficit that keeps rising, if you want to keep paying for elaborate vacations for the presidents family then by all means vote for 4 more years of Obama.
if you want real change. If you want a President that loves his country, and his family. A self made man, who worked hard to build wealth and who knows how to create jobs and balance the budget.
A President that successfully ran Massachusetts as governor, and balanced the budget, reformed health care, and created a rainy day fund, who proved he was able to work with both democrats and republicans to make decisions for the state.
If you want to see the USA restored to its former greatness, to have a good job, to have a President that won't apologize for the American people, but will instead stand up for us, who will create jobs, and will work to pass a budget (the 1st one since Bush was president). If you want to help Restore America to its former greatness. Then vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. When I cast my ballot on Tuesday it will be for Mitt Romney. I love my country and I love the Constitution and I want to see them preserved, Only Mitt Romney can and will do that.

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