Thursday, October 8, 2009

Culture Passes

Saturday after Conference I went to the Library and got my 1st library card in Arizona. I have had library cards in other places I've lived, but never bothered here.

One of the reasons I did it was that after months of hearing from the sisters in my ward about Culture Passes, I decided I wanted to be able to take advantage too.
For anyone that isn't aware of Culture Passes, they are a free pass to a number of kid friendly attractions in the Phoenix area.

They are availale through the City Library system (Mesa & Tempe included), good for 7 days from when you check it out, for 4 people. All you need is a library card.
They are 1st come 1st serve so if you want one of the popular attractions get there early.


Krystal said...

so did you get a culture pass? where did you go? :D

Primarymary said...

I looked but there were none I was interested in. Late Saturday afternoon is apparently not a good time for variety.

Jenny said...

(Thinking Arthur on PBS)
Having FUN! isn't hard,
when you've got a LIBRARY CARD!
Have fun~