Monday, October 19, 2009


Saturday Morning we reassembled at the museum

It was a chilly 54 degrees out, I was glad I remembered to bring a jacket with me.
We visited for a few minutes outside

before the museum opened and we went inside to a meeting room.
We had some cousins come this year as a result of an ad placed in the paper in that area.

Several people talked aout the history of the Workman Family in the Hurricane, Virgin City area.

Mark Workman

I don't rememer her name, but she runs the museum, and is also a Workman Cousin.

Also a Workman cousin, she found us through the Ad.

Violet Voss from Isaac Nataniel's line. She is always excited to tell stories from our family history.

Larry Streadbeck

Tom Hirschi, Mayor of Hurricane and a Workman Cousin.
After everyone that had something to share was finished we went upstairs to see the:

artwork and

We had lunch

and looked at some of the outside displays and monuments

And then headed up to the area where the Workman Ranch was.

This is the group that made the trek up the long dirt road.
Our last stop of the reunion was the Virgin City Cemetery.

We were there to rededicate the grave of Fanny Harris Morrison Workman, 2nd wife of Jacob Lindsay Workman.

Ann Streadbeck Bubert read a history of Fanny's life. and then the grave was rededicated by Ken Workman, one of her descendants.

Fanny's Headstone, purchased by the Workman Family Organization.

This is the area where Jacob Lindsay Workman was called to settle with his wives and children.
If anyone that attended the reunion can ID the people that aren't labeled just leave a comment by the picture and I will add the names. Thanks.
For more information about the Workman Family Organization

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