Monday, October 19, 2009


Friday evening we gathered at the Hurricane Museum

We visited, talked about family history, and got reaquainted with family memers

Violet Voss, Ken Workman & Larry Streadbeck

Margaret, Les Workman's girlfriend

We also had our annual business meeting

Larry Steadbeck, Workman Family Organization President

Ken Workman, descended from Jacob Lindsay & 2nd wife Fanny. He is the P.A.F. specialist for the organization and provided PAF files for everyone with 80,000 Workman names on it.

Ken was most often seen sitting at the computer making discs.

Mark Workman over the Website and reunions. He taked more about the Nauvoo reunion in 2011.

Ann Streadbeck Bubert is the treasurer.

Paul Cooper is a family history consultant
He is a Workman descendant also.
When the business was finished and Ken had made all of the discs he needed to for the evening, and other information had been exchanged we went to dinner.

This is a 4 star restaurant, hidden in the mountains in Leeds, Utah. We got lost finding it, but when we finally got there the food was well worth it.
After Dinner the reunion was adjourned until 8 AM Saturday Morning.

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