Monday, October 19, 2009


I met Karen in Sept 1976, when we became roommates at Utah State University. We were nothing alike, she was from California & Utah, I was from Massachusetts (and spoke fast like people in Massachusetts do), she was deaf, I am hearing, she was Methodist, I am LDS. Even with the differences we became friends.

I coudn't find a picture from college, but this is an older one.
We lived together for 1 year & 1 quarter, when Karen developed a brain tumor and had to withdraw from school for a while.
We've seen each other off and on over the years, but its been a long time.
Friday afternoon we got together for lunch at

We visited and ate  and visited and ate some more.

Karen & her husband Dave

Dave, Karen & I
After lunch we went out to Karen's house and visited some more, and I was able to see her Dad, who lives with them.
It was a nice visit, we need to do it more often.

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